OK, I lied. The original Steve Marmel Page has been temporarily removed at Steve's request.

The blackmail worked. I really didn't mean to put his current unlisted home phone number on the page. The check arrived and cleared the bank before the July 18, 1997 deadline.

Therefore, this page now only contains actual promotional information about Steve. Here's Steve's "Marmel13" AOL description of himself: (Yes, this is really old by now.)

Member Name: Duh
Location: Los Angeles, California
Birthdate: 12/17/64
Computers: If you care about that, may I suggest
Hobbies: Annoying the online weak, crushing the self-important, exposing men pretending to be women on AOL
Occupation: Stand up comedian / writer - currently on "Johnny Bravo" & Cow & Chicken" on Cartoon Network. Mondays and Tuesdays!
Quote: On "Make Me Laugh" on Comedy Central June 9th; Hear a two minutes of my funny at

He even has his own web site -,of course.

If you know Steve, please drop him a line at . Thank him for finally replacing the laptop I loaned him in 1992.

If you have a funny story to tell about Steve, send it to me at ..

Who is behind all this?

OK, comedian Steve didn't make this page. John Foust did.
That's my formal picture over there. Hi Steve!